The Kit and Caboodle!

One product that is an absolute essential for any dancer is the Caboodle. It is a case that folds up into a box and unfolds to reveal tons of makeup compartments. When in a rush, it is a huge help to be organized rather than to be looking through tons of tiny makeup bags for what you need. The basic Caboodle is fairly inexpensive, as it is made of plastic. It is super cute, comes with a built in mirror, and is made in a variety of colors. My first plastic Caboodle broke this year, so I upgraded and bought a sturdier (but more expensive) style. Many different styles are available on Target’s website or in the store. Below I have pictures showing my Caboodle performance ready and my favorite brands of makeup for show.



(From left to right)

Eyelash curler
Set brown pencil eyeliner- “Mexico City”
Eyeliner pencil sharpener
Clinique waterproof black mascara
Set black pencil eyeliner- “Paris”
Clinique black liquid eyeliner

Bunheads blonde hairnets
Bunheads pins, in a variety of sizes
Flat pins
Bobby pins
Hair elastics

Big Items:
Tresemme hairspray
Makeup mirror
Pack of makeup brushes
Conair soft bristle brush
Normal hair brush

Face and Lips:
Stila priming pen
Revlon cover up stick
Sephora Lip liner
Clinique BB primer/foundation
Smashbox Blush
Revlon Lip stick
Lip liner pencil sharpener

Almay eyeshadow
Mary Kay eyeshadow
Ardell Fashion Lashes black style 109
DUO eyelash glue


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