Perfecting Your Posture

I’m learning a lot about how my body works while I am recovering from my injury. I will share more later, but one really important thing I am working on is my posture – not necessarily while I am dancing, but while I am relaxing. Of course, you’d think that a ballerina would have fabulous posture, but for me, it is the exact opposite. My shoulders are always slumped, and my neck is always craned forward.


Accounting for my use of phones and computers, it makes sense that my neck is an issue. A goal I am working on right now is thinking hard about keeping my head “tucked in.” To do this, I picture a straight line running from the back of my head down my spine, without my neck curving forward like it normally does. Another way to picture this is envisioning a finger poking your nose back into that line. At first, this felt really funny, like my chin was tucked downwards, but it feels a lot more natural now. The main idea is to lengthen your neck, and as a result, your spine. After applying this correction, my chest feels a lot more open and my shoulders don’t slump!

Since I am a dancer, having good posture is essential in the way I present myself, displaying both grace and confidence.

To see more pictures of what this issue is with my posture, simply Google “forward head posture.”


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