Favorite Dance Videos

It isn’t always easy to be familiar with ballets since it is expensive to go to the theater all the time. Ballet, however, is becoming more and more readily available on the internet. Below are some of my favorite dance and ballet videos that I’ve found on YouTube.


1. The Shadow Theatre Group – “Attraction”

My grandparents actually showed me this video. While it isn’t ballet, I think this type of dance is so incredibly moving and amazing at storytelling. This video is unlike any I’ve seen before.

2. Balanchine’s “Jewels”

I was lucky enough to see NYCB perform “Rubies” from “Jewels” this summer at SPAC. All three jewels are amazing and like all of Balanchine’s works, are filled with tons of unique and captivating choreography.

3. Balanchine’s “Stars and Stripes”

I learned a bit of this pas at SSDI and just think it is so much fun – to watch and to perform!

4. Balanchine’s “Who Cares?”

I also learned “Who Cares” at SSDI, and I think it is probably my favorite Balanchine piece. What’s really neat about this video is that Melinda Roy, my teacher at SSDI, performs in the burgundy girl’s pas.

5. Balanchine’s “Union Jack”

I’ve never seen this performed live, but it looks like so much fun. It makes me want to get up and dance!

6. Christopher Wheeldon’s “After the Rain”

I saw Wendy Whelan perform this piece at SPAC this summer. It was breathtaking.

New York City Ballet made this video as tribute to the the home of the New York City Ballet on September 12, 2013.

7. Balanchine’s “Agon”

I learned the part of this that starts at 7:15. “Agon” reminds me a little bit of Peter Martins’ “Eight Easy Pieces” regarding musicality. I feel like it’s kind of awkward in a really interesting way.

8. Travis Wall’s “How It Ends”

I have to say, I am a sucker for SYTYCD. I just think this piece is really beautiful. Also, I love the way Kent and Neil jump!

9. Tyce Diorio’s “This Woman’s Work”

Another SYTYCD and it is absolutely amazing. As shown in the costuming, it recognizes the struggle against cancer. It doesn’t hurt that Melissa is a ballet dancer either.

10. Travis Wall’s “Turn to Stone”

This dance is just so clever and creative… it’s another one of those which makes me want to get up and dance along with them!







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